Case studies

CASE STUDY 1: Pole Emploi – Launching a “big data” web app to 100.000+ users

Helped the French National Unemployment Agency (Pole Emploi) launch the world’s first application to predict whether a company will hire in the next 6 months.

finding companies that will hire in the next 6 months - now a tool for job seekers in France
Finding companies that are predicted to hire in the next 6 months – now a free public tool for job seekers in France

Powered by high performance machine learning algorithms, La Bonne Boite was the first of a series of innovative products (“Startup d’Etat”) helping Pole Emploi, a french administration giant (55000 employees) undergo a digital renaissance.

La Bonne Boite has been featured in several national newspapers, radio and TV programs, and highlighted by the French Secretary of Labour (Myriam El Khomri) as a “promising project”.

me demoing the product for France secretary of State - Myriam El Khomri
me demoing what the product can do for France secretary of State – Myriam El Khomri and the director of Pole Emploi Jean Bassères

In this project, I :

  • Achieved successful application launch on time and on target in 6 months inside an autonomous agile team : a joint-venture (“Startup d’Etat”) between France Secretary of State Modernization (SGMAP) and Pole Emploi
  • Advised and acted on Copywriting and UX messages to help explaining an innovative product to the general public (job seekers). Went from 80% “I don’t understand what your product does” in the first few months to less than 5%.
  • Developed a machine learning algorithm with 80% precision on whether a company will hire in the next 6 months
  • Advocated and implemented feedback mechanisms and metrics (more than 1500 feedbacks helping shape the product roadmap + real usage KPI)
  • Lead Web app prototyping kept on track with regular user testing
  • Built the app (Front-end and Back-end development), including Elastic Search, Flask (Python), Scikit-Learn, Pandas and Javascript
  • Drove an API-first design, API was later shared with partners such as Paul Duan, founder of Bayes Impact and on the “30 under 30″ Forbes list
  • Crafted user experience (UX) with a focus on simplicity, to break away from the “heavy and complicated” public image of Pole Emploi

Check the website : La Bonne Boite.

CASE STUDY 2: Zyyne – Reduce Churn and Increase Conversions



Zyyne had a problem: a limited growth and too much churn (a.k.a too many users leaving). They wanted my help to figure out how they could sign up new users and retain their current customers longer.

What I did

I worked with Chaib, Zyyne CEO to understand their business and identified several things that blocked Zyyne growth: namely, too much focus on technology and not enough on their users and what they valued. I helped them get started on the path towards a more data-driven business:

  • I set up mixpanel metrics to help them track how their users were using their software
  • I got them to listen to their customer pulse: I created surveys and feedback widgets to help them understand what their customers were thinking
  • I set up A/B testing campaigns with ABTasty to measure results.
  • I created lifecycle emails to get their customers up to speed with their product

webengage surveys

The results

I helped Zyyne become a data-driven and customer-centric company.

This triggered them to reconsider their value proposition, and today they repurposed their platform away from “creating html5 presentations” towards helping organizations grow subscribers using online presentations.

They are now truly listening to what their customers have to say, and regularly conduct user interviews to know how to drive more value for their customers.

This was done in the span of an intense 4-day engagement.